ID: 431
Name: Theatre Le Grand T
Adress: FR - 44000 Nantes
Date: 2019
Client: Département Loire-Atlantique
Author(s): AAPH / DDA
Partners: Batiserf / Louis Choulet / Changement à vue / Studio DAP / ALEP / BMF / Richard Klein
Surface area: 6900 m²
Statut: Competition

The programme aims to add a new auditorium and a dance hall to the two existing ones, modernise the equipment, improve technical access and give the venue a new identity. The project consists of creating a single body, like a mantle that would encompass all the functions, materialised by a glass façade that allows the notions of front and back to be erased and consequently all forms of discrimination of certain functions in relation to others.
The new structure also makes it possible to deploy a large awning, a transition between the building and the whole site where the presence of plants is reinforced, based on the concept of a theatre in a garden.