ID: 429
Name: National scene - Le Quartz
Adress: FR - Brest
Date: 2019
Client: Brest Metropole
Author(s): AAPH / dda
Partners: Batiserf / BET Louis Choulet / Changement à vue / Studio DAP / BMF / CadatWork / Richard Klein
Statut: Competition

Our Quartz renovation project is based on both the history of the site and the perspectives it offers. In order to requalify the reception areas and give the building a real identity, we propose to create two new entirely glazed volumes on either side of the meridian and the reception doors. By placing the cafeteria and the meeting area on the Boulevard Clémenceau side, we show the life of the place. Upstairs, a hall of the Palais des Congrès and an open terrace also enliven the public space. The new entrance facade, which extends as far as Boulevard Clémenceau, provides a visual breakthrough between the Quartz entrance and Boulevard Clémenceau. The identity of the site is further enhanced by the installation of a vast roof covering that unifies the roofs while at the same time restoring them. The corbelling of the roof contributes to the new profile of the Quartz.
Interventions on the interior spaces reveal the existing structure while creating large, generous spaces and more fluid circulation.