ID: 418
Name: Théâtre Theo Argence
Adress: FR - Saint-Priest (Lyon)
Date: 2018
Client: Saint-Priest City - Services des Marchés Publics
Author(s): Hart-Berteloot AAT / Atelier d'Architecture Pierre Hebbelinck
Partners: Studio Plastac / Changement à vue / Verdi / Khale acoustics / Becquart / ACE BTP Ingeneery
Statut: Competition, Laureate

Transformation and extension of Theo Argence Theater.

The transformation of the theater aims to cater for the confort of the artists - through the lodges and the quality of both audience rooms in terms of scenic, acoustic or scenographic use - but also for theater actors, from the attendant to the scene director passing by the technicians, and finally the initiated public or not.
In the spirit of a city theater, the rehabilitation project lean on three axes. First, the ground relationship is transformed to line up with the large square facing the Ferdinand Buisson's place. The second axis is about what we could define as the theater's body. The scenic transformation of the two large audience rooms, the reworking of their access but most of all the extension on the back which enables to put the stage and the backstage on the same ground level as the city. The game of using transparent and opalescent glazings on the back facade, the incoming light of the theater radiates as an urban lantern.
The last axis is about the reorganisation of administrative services, technical locals and lodges placed from on side to another of the guest room which enable to show the theater's life from the city.