ID: 413
Name: Stavelot Culturel Center
Adress: BE - 4970 Stavelot
Date: 2017
Client: Administration communale de Stavelot
Author(s): Atelier d'Architecture Pierre Hebbelinck
Partners: BEC Cerfontaine / Ecorce / Kahle Acoustics / ArtSceno / Spriet & Prevert / Genietec
Surface area: 1903 m²
Statut: Competition

Project of a cultural center (theater, office and creative activities) in the old Abbey of Stavelot.

The project aims to transform the wing of the Stavelot Abbey ( listed building) in order to create a cultural center within a 300 seats audience room, offices and locals for musical and creative workshops.
Our project lean on sewing the historical story of a city, its symbols and its inhabitants, with new fonctions. This is made possible with a facade work of the courtyard and a cut up of the floors. It enables to create a generous three storeys reception. This extern covered space shelters the incoming and outcoming people to create a meeting point as it ensures a perfect understanding of the cultural offer from the entrance.
The audience room takes place in the biggest wing of the building, enjoying as so the rythm of its metallic structures. The original bricks and structures are sanded to bring up a specific mood to the Abbaye.