ID: 398
Name: Mairie de quartier et bureaux
Adress: quai de l'Ouest,
FR - Lille
Date: 2017
Client: Soreli
Author(s): AAPH
Partners: Becquart / Zeppelin Collectif
Surface area: 2000 m²
Statut: Competition

Within the framework of an urban restructuring (ZAC 1st sector - Rives de la Haute Deule), the Lille-based public company Soreli wishes to develop a mixed-use building comprising a public facility and a volume of tertiary activities dedicated to information and communication technologies on the plot of îlot 21.
Due to its strategic position in the heart of the Bois Blancs district and along the Deule canal, the programme proposes to install the Bois Blancs district town hall as a public facility in order to create an urban citizen seam.
Designed as a totem building, the project develops around the circulation and natural light. The volume is truncated on the side of the neighbouring buildings and provides useful ventilation for the addition of a terrace.
Visible and legible from the large lawn, in the evening it lights up and becomes a lantern for evening activities. The town hall's circulation is centred around the reception area and is sufficiently wide to allow the installation of seating furniture. The office facade corridors protect the interior spaces from direct radiation and avoid overheating. They are generously designed to encourage exchanges between the different units of the tertiary programme.