ID: 362
Adress: FR - 57960 Meisenthal
Date: 2014
Client: Community of communes of Pays de Bitche
Author(s): Atelier d'architecture Pierre Hebbelinck+ Studio LADA
Partners: EVP / Solares Bauen / Studio Adrien Gardère
Surface area: 11000 m²
Statut: Competition

Redeveloppment of glassmaker site in Meisenthal.

The village was developed around glassware, of which it has always been the driving organ. The project aims to improve the links between the glassmaker site and the fabric of the village. The court is the point of convergence. It becomes a sort of "space-time" conducive to the understanding of the site and its components: relief, vegetation, village, history, glass, inhabitants ... The glassmaker site has developed on the rhythm of the vagaries of history and the evolutions of the manufacturing process. Juxtapositions, extensions and demolitions have succeeded each other. The strategy adopted was to retain the vernacular logic of the building while adapting itself to new uses. It seemed essential to inscribe a significant marker of the activity corresponding to the present's need and above all to the future expectations and this with the greatest respect for the past. The new building makes it possible to improve the visibility of the site, the identity of the current institutions but also to increase the physical relations between the various buildings on the site.