ID: 352
Adress: Avenue Ambroise Croizat,
FR - 60160 Montataire
Date: 2013 - 2018
Client: City of Montataire
Author(s): Atelier d'Architecture Pierre Hebbelinck/ Mandataire
Partners: Hart-Berteloot AAT/EGIS / Philippe Duval / ArtScéno / Kahle / TechniCity / Joseph Abram / Pierre Toby
Surface area: 2276 m²
Copyrights: François Brix
Statut: Competition, Laureate, Built

Transformation, renovation, and extension of a Perret market building for a cultural centre housing a music school, a dance school, a broadcast room, and a recording studio.

The Perret brothers market building was magnified by liberating the original frames. Walking, waiting, and the practice of music are activities based in this slender concrete landscape bathed in natural light. The three facilities take advantage of the height of the central wing to become part of the core of the structure, spreading from one end to the other. The spaces between the frame and the program were liberated to become spaces for meeting and artistic expression that extend the urban space. The large halls in the centre of the market benefit from the double height to promote acoustics and take advantage of the lighting at the top of the structure. The access to the upper floor is a surprising promenade in the generous volume of the 1949 market building.