ID: 353
Adress: BE - 4000 Liège
Date: 2013
Client: Wallonia-Brussels Federation
Author(s): aaphpdw
Partners: BE Greisch
Surface area: 3800 m²

Transformation, renovation and energy improvement for an athenaeum.

The reflection was on the way to act by posing simple and direct acts that could generate a maximum of collateral effects, taking into account the maximum what the building and its environment already make available, and of course, remaining extremely attentive to budgetary implications. These strictly spatial provisions directly affect the thermal and safety management of the building. The technical requirements can in no case be dissociated from the architectural arrangements of reflection. The three dimensions "tradition - innovation - culture" identifying the philosophy of the school are part of the renovation process. The basic principle is to be non-destructive. The general condition of the facades in place and the absence of harmful and degradable materials make it possible to retain elements that do not require their replacement for the heat treatment.