ID: 350
Adress: BE - 4100 Seraing
Date: 2013 - 2013
Client: ERIGES
Author(s): Atelier d'architecture Pierre Hebbelinck
Partners: A-DN David Henquinet - Nicolas lacobellis/ BE Cerfontaine / BE Détang Engineering
Surface area: 5195 m²

Construction of an Eros Centre and planning of its surrounding area.

The theme of this project was especially sensitive. The questioning covered the relationship between society and prostitution. The architectural contribution to the program was to simultaneously treat the function in an irrefutable way in an ultra-secure and controlled world. We attempted to provide an answer in which consideration of human dignity was a priority both for the service providers and for the customers. The work primarily consisted of reducing the sense of enclosure as much as possible while clearly defining limits to guarantee respect for everyone.