ID: 348
Adress: Place de la digue,
BE - 6000 Charleroi
Date: 2013 - 2013
Client: RTBF
Author(s): aaphpdw
Partners: BE Greisch / Kahle Acoustics / Ingénium
Surface area: 1698 m²

New construction and improvements for new offices and studios for radio télévision belge francophone (RTBF - Belgian Francophone Radio and Television)

This project was developed around the idea that an efficient and organic spatial organisation could also generate great spatial and representative qualities on the city level. The specificity of each entity in the Media centre was then reconverted into a construction with homogeneous character in its treatments of materials and volumes. The project makes it possible to clearly distinguish its occupants and, at the same time, offer them all the common services they need. Low energy consumption was included in the architectural designed and planned to obtain a BREEAM certification. The project generates autonomy and economies of scale and also creates qualities of comfort and use through the treatment of this tool. It is part of the historic framework of Charleroi and enables the city, its residents, and the general public to identify with the site, understand it, and take part in it.