ID: 373
Name: transgenerational grouped housing - HaGIP
Adress: BE - 4000 Liege
Date: 2018
Client: Collectif HaGIP
Author(s): AAPH+PDW
Partners: ECM / Ecorce
Surface area: 2000 m²

New construction for 15 flats, common areas and surroundings.

Located on an exceptional 4,000 m² site on the heights of Liege, the project was born of the desire of several people of different ages and backgrounds to create a group of 15 intergenerational flats based on the community land trust principle. The complex is completed with a multi-purpose room and common activity rooms. The land, a former brick production site, is composed of terraces supported by impressive retaining walls. The history and geography of the site led us to a proposal that made the most of the views, the sunshine and the spatial quality to the benefit of the community dimension desired by the owners. The circulation, a meeting place par excellence, is treated with great care through footbridges linking the heights and the people.
Three units grouping different types of flats guarantee the mix of occupants and the future flexibility of the housing. We have paid particular attention to the sustainable dimension of the project, both in terms of energy efficiency and responsible behaviour. Community projects are still rare in Liège, and the owners and architects want to make it an exemplary model that will serve as a driving force for the development of this type of housing.