ID: 320
Adress: Parc de la Boverie,
BE - 4000 Liège
Date: 2010
Client: City of Liège
Author(s): aaphpdw
Partners: BE Greisch / BE Pierre Berger / Winston Spriet
Surface area: 6300 m²

Transformation, renovation, expansion, and planning of a park for a museum of contemporary art. Permanent and temporary exhibits, forum, restaurant, etc.
Designated Heritage Site

The project proposes several rooms that privilege large spaces that can be subdivided. The management of natural light, as well as the proportions of the spaces, is nuanced to enhance possibilities for appropriation. We privileged closed rooms for contemplating and observing the works, with pathways that allow full consideration of the environment. The potential for visual projection was broadly expanded by giving the ability to shut oneself off from the natural light. Therefore, the planned solutions were to develop the landscape and reception qualities for all audiences and to create dynamics through defining the functions in the new program, for all users.