ID: 319
Adress: BE - 2000 Anvers
Date: 2010 - 2010
Client: City of Anvers
Author(s): aaphpdw
Partners: Kahle Acoustics / Bas Smet
Surface area: 1800 m²

Transformation, renovation, expansion, and planning of a park for a citizen meditation area.
Designated Heritage site.

The discussion was conducted together with a philosopher, a sociologist, an urban geographer and two historians of religion. We wanted to delve into questions around symbols, the definition and approach to the types of ceremonies that might be planned, the nature of spaces, modularity, etc. In parallel with this line of questioning, we wanted to understand the position of the building in the city of Anvers, both in terms of its historicity and its visibility. It was at this moment that we were able to begin designing the spatial structures. The project is a spatial juxtaposition of the individual or group with societal questions. The senses are awakened by sounds or light, and also by work on temperatures in the various environments..