ID: 310
Adress: BE - 4000 Liège
Date: 2009
Client: Bouygues immobilier
Author(s): aaphpdw
Surface area: 6000 m²

Urban revitalisation study for siting housing in the city centre for an ensemble of 60 residences and public space, etc.

The approach was based on the congestion represented by the existing situation of the block. The objective was
to clear out its interior to organise the housing ensemble around a core, generating collectively focused social behaviour, promoting the emergence of an answer to what it means to live in the city today. This noticeably improved the amount of natural light and cleared views toward the interior of the block. The connection to an old building with heritage value forming part of the pathways through the ensemble, made it possible to take advantage of the existing situation. In the interior of the block, respect for clearances in the street allowed a volume to emerge that will reach upward toward the light and views, and connect the building to the scale of the neighbourhood.