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ID: 266
Adress: BE - 1180 Uccle
Date: 2003 - 2006
Client: Mr and Mme Krantz-Fontaine
Author(s): aaphpdw
Partners: BE Greisch
Surface area: 320 m²
Copyrights: Marie-Françoise Plissart / Serge Brison

New construction, improvements, and outdoor swimming pool.

« (…)The last major research element came from deve-loping the notion of intimacy within the house. I had in mind the work of Czech photographer Joseph Sudek, in Prague during the Anschluss, who patiently went to capture a tree in his garden through a window of his studio. He waited, sometimes for weeks, for the mist and dust that would help him expand his ability to see. Also, gradually, we imagined using a unique material to construct the facades and roof, a material that was sufficiently reflective to capture reflections of the surrounding nature; a material sufficiently thin to be microperforated to make it see-through, noticeably modifying perception, and allowing for play on the inwardness that fascinated us...(…) »