ID: 200
Adress: Street Sainte-Louise,
BE - 7300 Boussu
Date: 1994 - 2002
Client: Wallonia-Brussels Federation / Province of Hainaut
Author(s): aaphpdw
Partners: Sitech- Van Welter / CTES / Cédia / EO Design
Surface area: 7000 m²
Copyrights: Hélène Binet / Philippe De Gobert

Transformation, renovation, and expansion of a new museum of contemporary art located within a remarkable ensemble of neoclassical industrial architecture. Exhibit halls, auditorium, library, admi-nistration, restaurants, etc.
UNESCO World Heritage Site

The old Grand-Hornu phalanstery, now a Museum of Contemporary Art had a international reputation: in 2012 it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its museum activity is among the most dynamic in Belgium. It is a representative example of the driving and emulation capacity that a project can have on an environ-ment that had been neglected and abandoned. The project is the outcome of a dialogue between new and old. The intervention is a subtle blend of respect for heritage and projection toward the future of culture, and of tourism. The Baron Horta prize from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts was awarded to Pierre Hebbelinck for this development.