ID: 9
Adress: BE - 4000 Liège
Date: 1983 - 1986

Creation of a new place covered entrance to a house of the Belgium independence period (1830).
Apart a form to a belgian universe, the project deals with the question of « display » through an urban mask. This image is amplified by a particular work on vision by the contribution of optical filters (colored plexiglass, fluorescenet perspex, mirror, treillis,…). But the main axis of the conception is, in this case, the approach of the « ritual » within architecture. The matte ris too vast to be developped in these few lines. We nevertheless insist on the fact that the research attached to the notion of « route » in the initiation signifiance of the word (treshold, axiality, coronation,…). On the other hand, very muxh attention cristallized on the « wharf » concept, that emiently ritual space.