ID: 397
Name: Events and cultural center - Arlon
Adress: Paul Reuter, 8
CA - 6700 Bastogne
Date: 2016
Client: Ville d'Arlon
Author(s): AAPH / L'Arche Claire
Partners: GNI Consulting ARCADIS / ATS
Surface area: 5000 m²
Statut: Competition

The future Pole is conceived as an embassy of its region, to make it a place of convergence of knowledge, know-how or folklore to boost its cultural, social, tourist and educational objectives.
The very structure of the building's organisation is based on control and power. These notions are totally contradictory to the specific issues of the cultural programme, and it is therefore necessary to produce a counterpoint to bring about the dimensions of openness and exchange. The development of the new extension completes the main objectives desired by the City. The programme provides for the creation of an auditorium and exhibition hall, reception areas and events with character, as well as performance and exchange areas for local producers and craftsmen. The integration of a "Point Culture" and a "Tiers lieu" as additional services to the events will provide a living space during the day and evening and target students (Wi-Fi point, low-cost fast food, isolated spaces for studying).