ID: 387
Name: Housing - Aubel
Adress: BE - 4880 Aubel
Date: 2017
Client: Mertens Family
Author(s): Diip architecture / AAPH (collaborateur)
Partners: BE Cerfontaine ST

A family from Aubel's village give us the conseption of 55 dewllings in the village's chore. The project aims to work on the blend of two typologies. The first one contains the street level while showing a will to make it through the urban wall made of parking lots and portico. This offers transparencies through the inside of the block. The localisations of this transparence are scaled for the close place du Ravel.
The second typology claim to resolve the paradox between the block's chore which and the fact that it's opening out on the public park that is surrounding the Church 100 meters away and shape a unity. This new park is accessible for all and enable to connect safely the neighborhood on top to the school's village on the downhill. A plot of dwellings with decreasing volumes offer qualities of life reliable with to the natural space. The traffic jam is limited and the parking lot is placed under the housing. The streets to join it are excavated in the ground to allow invisible flows and stoped cars. A carefull attention is made about the public access, the entrances through the shape of footbridges and outdoor staircases in order to open and to fertilize social relationships.