ID: 382
Adress: FR - 62129 Thérouanne
Date: 2015
Client: Community of communes de la Morinie
Author(s): Atelier d'Architecture Pierre Hebbelinck/ Mandataire
Partners: Hart Berteloot AAT/Becquart / Verdi / Akoustik / OLM
Surface area: 1096 m²

Transformation and renovation for a House of Culture, Digital and Health.

Our proposal for the future space of Morinie assumes a strong position, new in terms of contemporaneity while being very respectful of the history and identity of the municipality of Thérouanne. While preserving the geometry and envelope of the Ledoux wasteland, we intervene on a re-isolation by the exterior of the whole plot.

For visibility but also for monitoring and reduced staff, a single central reception gives access to the 4 programs that form the Morinian area: the cultural center with the tourist office and the exhibition halls , The medical house, the digital pole and the pole service. With the same economic logic in terms of operation, we have streamlined and simplified the equipment. The whole benefits from proximity, porosity and visibility between the different programs but each can however function independently of others.