ID: 374
Name: CULTURE HOUSE - Namurs
Adress: Avenue Fernand Golenvaux,
BE - 5000 Namur
Date: 2016
Client: Province of Namur
Author(s): aaphpdw
Partners: Arcadis / Eraerts / ATS / ArtSceno / Spriet - Prevert / KARBON
Surface area: 5304 m²

Transformation, renovation and extension of the Culture House of Namur to include theaters, exhibitions, offices, artists' studios.

From an existing building of Victor Bourgeois, the project aims to implement a very high quality of life for the public, artists and direct users. It is a House of Culture, one finds a certain fluid character, open, focused on the well-being. The project organizes spaces very clearly: a show pole is located in the western part in the extension, a pole art and cultural services are in the old part in the east and functions of life make the connection between these two poles. Home, lobby, brewery, culture point are thus crossed and animated spaces, in connection with new qualitative urban developments on the banks of the Meuse. The extension develops in height, following a profile in redents. The volumes required for the programmatic extension of the Culture House are superimposed on the existing volumetry, extending the assembly set of differentiated volumes designed by Victor Bourgeois. Corollarily, by gaining verticality, the Maison de la Culture reinforces its presence in the urban skyline, assuming the major role it is called upon to play in the life of the city and which is emblematic of the city's profile on the river bank.