ID: 294
Adress: BE - 6630 Martelange
Date: 2007 - 2014
Client: Mr and Mme Schaap - Vogelesang
Author(s): aaphpdw
Surface area: 420 m²
Copyrights: François Brix

New construction and improvements.

This large lot presents itself as a landscape entity along-side the Sûre. The lot slopes steeply to the river. The client requested a simple, compact architecture to use little of the land and strongly consider the landscape values and the singular topography. Sited at the highest point on the lot, the layout was envisioned as a sculpted object. Emptied and shaped, the material is raw and makes reference to its immediate environment. Schist forms a link between the land and the project. The intervention is intimately linked to the region’s industrial past, and works to promote local memory. Reflection on the flow of the water invites rain to drip down the walls made of local schist.